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Aluminum Slip Tanks

Whatever your purpose & dimensions, I can create the slip tank you need.

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Boat Prop Repair

Did you hit a rock with your propeller? I can fix it for about 1/2 the price of a new one.

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New Propeller Sales

Need a new prop for your boat? I have a wide selection available.

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Aluminum Welding

Whatever your custom aluminum welding needs, I can provide them.

Serving Naicam & Area's Aluminum Welding Needs
Aluminum Repair and Fabrication, Customized to Suit Your Needs

Hi. I am Shane James, owner and operator of Shane's Welding & Propeller Repair Ltd.

I have been welding aluminum in the Naicam area since 1987. That gives me about 28 years experience of doing everything from repairing skegs & propellers, to slip tanks, to custom fabricating aluminum.

Whatever your aluminum welding needs are, I will strive to meet them.

  • Custom Tanks to Suit Your Needs

  • Repair for 1/2 of New Price

  • Buy a New Prop for Your Boat

  • Serving All Your General Welding Needs

In a nutshell, the pinion couples and decouples the chronograph, or stopwatch, mechanism and the regular timekeeping gear train that powers it. The pinion replaced a more complex system, simplifying manufacturing, assembly, adjustment, and service, all while delivering excellent timekeeping and reliability. This development allowed more mechanical chronographs to be produced at a lower cost, which sounds like a win all the way around.